5 Reasons to List your Home in December

With Thanksgiving under your belt and Christmas fast approaching, you may think that listing your home is the last thing you want to add to your to-do list, even if you are ready to get OUT! Think again. Here are 5 reasons why listing your home in December is a smart move:

  1. Ready to pull out those decorations but afraid it will making showings a nightmare? The opposite is true – potential buyers can see your home in magazine worthy glory, and envision their own holiday gatherings. It will also invite a sense of nostalgia for the holiday season (anyone else thinking that “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” should be playing in the background when buyers open the door?)
  2. Potential buyer have more free time during the holiday season than any other to look for a home.
  3. Fewer homes are on the market during the holiday season, so you can list with less competition.
  4. Home shoppers are in a buying mood, as the holiday season is synonymous with pulling out the checkbook.
  5. Change is good! Start 2014 fresh and out of the home you no longer want.

Whether you are upgrading or downsizing, I can help you find the perfect buyer for your home and the perfect new place for you. I pride myself on being available to my clients, so call me today to get your house on the market!


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